Our Pricing

Every business is different.  Every business has different needs.

With that in mind - At GoldSwan Graphics we don't try to sell you on "extras" or attempt to stretch-out the project. In other words, we give only what your business needs. We will make suggestions on how to improve your marketing, but only to ensure that we are exceeding your expectation of
customer service.

In following with that philosophy our pricing is different for each business. We have ranged in sites with a cost in the low hundreds up to $2000. All pricing depends on what you need.

Website Pricing: As simple as A, B, C ...

A: $125

A simple webpage set-up with one design used on all pages

B: $500

More Pages, possible different designs or functionality

C: $1500

A site that is like no other, has more features or you need help with text and marketing

Logo Pricing: $100/hr

Print Design Pricing: $50/hr